Keval Wines
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Winemaking Products
Keval Wines & Spirits offers a wide range of products supplying winemakers with the most advanced wine processing and treatment techniques from the world leaders. Result of the most advanced technical-scientific researches, the products are unique for their exclusive formulations, geared to fix problems and meet the different needs of the industry.

Some of the wine making products that we supply include Grape Harvesting Machinery, Winemaking Chemicals, Wine Bottles, Natural Corks, Capsules, Oak Barrels and Natural Blending Materials. We supply Oenological products manufactured by AEB SPINDAL, world leader in oenology and biotechnologies products, our supply include Yeasts, Biolact Bacterias, Active Charcoals, Clarifiers, Enzymes, Filter Aid, Boisélevage, Sulfitizers, Must Reducers, Wine Stabilizers, Tannins, Biological Activators.