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We are the nation's leading supplier of natural cork and packaging products to the wine and spirits industry in India. The company's ongoing commitment to quality has earned the company a reputation as the industry leader in cork supply.

Our global partnerships offer our customers an unparalleled product range and service excellence. Importing a select range of wine production and packaging products, we represent premium manufacturers like Antonio Almeida, Corticas, S.A. PORTUGAL of natural, technical and sparkling wine corks in addition to Fine Agglomerate Corks, Colmate Corks & Agglomerate Corks.

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Natural Wine Corks

Natural Wine Corks remain the preferred cork of the finest winemakers throughout the world since the 1600's. Our Natural Wine Corks are selected from only the finest natural corks available and are suitable for both young wines and mature wines up to 20 years and older.

Synthetic Wine Corks

Synthetic Wine Corks are an alternative plastic wine cork manufactured to resemble the properties and seal of natural cork stoppers. Adviced for Young wines . Not for maturation .

Colmated Wine Corks

Colmated Wine Corks are natural wine corks with a few too many lenticels (crevice-like cracks) to be sold as our high grade Natural Wine Corks. Colmated Wine Corks are intended for young wines (opened within 4 years of bottling).

Agglomerated Wine Corks

Agglomerated Wine Corks are our lowest cost wine corks and are suitable for very young wines (opened within 1 years of bottling). Agglomerated Wine Corks are manufactured from ground cork up natural cork and bonded into a solid form.

Customized Wine Corks

Our top selling wine corks can be custom printed with your text or logo! For custom printing, a minimum order of 1000 is required.