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We supply high-end quality French Oak Barrels, Tanks, Casks, Chips and Staves used for Tank or Barrel insertion. We also supply top quality Eastern European and American Oak Barrels. Our barrels are produced to meet a wine's and winemaker's distinctive style and personalized service is reinforced by strict quality control to ensure consistency.

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French Oak Barrels

Medium Grain: This is a perfect fit for those customers barrel aging wines for 12 months or less
Tight Grain: This is Radoux's most popular French Oak Barrel. Recommended for any wine aging in barrels for 12-24 months
Extra Tight Grain "Blend": Only the Highest Quality, Tightest-Grain Oak is selected and produced into Radoux's Extra Tight, "Reserve BLEND" barrels

Eastern European Oak Barrels

Tight grain oak from the Caucuses region of Eastern Europe is selected and produced into Radoux's Eastern European Oak Barrels. These barrels are available in all toast levels and are great for all types of wine and as an alternative for French Oak.

Small French Oak Barrels

Small French Oak Barrels are available in 20L, 30L, 50L & 110L sizes and are perfect for Home Winemakers or Wineries looking for a small barrel for topping wine. Various toast levels are available now.

French Oak Tanks and Casks

Radoux upright tanks and casks are made to measure, with the same craftsmanship and quality standards as Radoux barrels. Radoux upright tanks are delivered with a sanded finish, varnished or coated with linseed oil, and hoops painted in black or plum as desired. The upright tanks rest on oak stands. Oval or Round casks are delivered with one crossbar on the back, a double crossbar on the front and a wooden trap. Casks rest on cradle-shaped stands.