Keval Wines
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We are one of the premier closure suppliers in India servicing the wine and spirits industries. Capsules are available in PVC, Polylaminate and Tin. Custom work is also available.

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Polylaminate Capsules

A good alternative to Tin Capsules, Polylaminate Capsules are capsules comprised of three layer aluminium / polyethylene/ aluminium side piece and an aluminium top disc. With a polylaminate capsule from AMERICO RELVAS your wine or spirit will have a capsule with a high quality metallic feel

Tin Capsules

Tin Capsules are single-piece embossed seals made in 99.99% tin fitted to the necks of wine bottles and printed & decorated using different colors, using water based inks

PVC Capsules

PVC Capsules are two-piece seals, with the side made from 70 micron PVC, and an aluminum top. They are painted & decorated according to customer specification