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Bulk Wine & Spirits
Keval Wines & Spirits is one of best known and respected wine importers and distributors. We import from all the major wine producing countries and distribute our products through the on-trade, independent sector and major multiples. Our portfolio offers a comprehensive range of wines, from the classics through to the more esoteric.

All of our wines are personally selected for highest quality. We know the producers from onsite visits to the vinyards and wine cellars. Transportation is via temperature controlled transport, assuring utmost care in delivering wines of prime quality.

We independently source wines from some of the top producers from across the globe, from single estates through to exceptional co-operatives, creating a portfolio in which the traditional sit comfortably alongside the more esoteric wine styles. Keval Wines & Spirits is specialists in French wines, Meridian Wines focus on Spain, Italy, Portugal and Austria and Capricorn Wines look after the New World.

The philosophy of Keval Wines & Spirits is to supply wines of the highest quality, a modern style, with very well defined diverse characteristics, along with the freshness of the fruit, framed by the respect for the environment and of the quality of soil.