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Welcome to Keval Wine and Spirits
Winemaking products and equipments supplier, Keval Wines & Spirits strives to bring you the best winemaking & distilleries supplies at fair and competitive price and unbeatable quality-price ratio in the existing market. Our products are top notch and we are constantly looking for new and innovative supplies to make your winemaking & liquor blending experience unique!

Keval Wines & Spirits has been providing winemaking supplies, winemaking equipments and machineries, blending materials, bulk wines and spirits for winemakers in India, China, Taiwan, Romania and other countries for over 4 years.
Winemaking Equipments
We are leading suppliers of GRAPE Winemaking Equipments", Pneumatic Presses, Sorting Tables, Elevators, Destemmer Crusher...more>
World Leader in Pneumatic Press
  • Pneumatic Press
  • De-Stemming Machine
  • Cross Flow Filtration
  • Grape Reception Machines , Wine Pumps
We supply high-end quality French Oak Barrels, Tanks, Casks, Chips and Staves used for Tank or Barrel insertion. We also supply... more>
Reference in Cooperage World
  • Supply of French origin Oak Barrels
  • Supply of American origins oak Barrels
  • Barrels for Spirits Maturation
  • Oak Extract / Oak Chips
Winemaking Chemicals
We supply Oenological chemicals manufactured by AEB SPINDAL SPA - world leader in oenology and biotechnologies. Our product supply...more>
Oenological Chemicals
  • Yeast For Red & White Wines
  • Colour & Aroma Extraction Enzymes
  • Dry Tannins
  • Wine Making Chemicals
Laboratory Equipments & Ebulliometers >>
Dujardin-Salleron Laboratories was created in 1855. LDS is a worldwide reference in precision instrument- ation applied to oenology. The Company keeps innovating & diversifying itself in such... more>
  • Ebulliometers, Refractometers
  • Sulphur detection equipments
  • Dissolved Oxygen detention equipments
  • Complete Laboratory equipment range for Oenology
Wine Bottles
We supply latest range of refined and elegant wine bottles available in a wide range of colours, capacities and shapes manufactured by... more>
  • Bordeaux / Burgundy / Champagne
  • Wine Bottles 750ml / 375ml
  • Cork & Screw Cap Finish Wine
  • Bottles Fancy Glass Bottles For
  • Cocktails / Spirits Industry
GAI Bottling Line >>
Since 1946 Gai Macchine Imbottigliatrici is become the world leader in proposing & supplying the best quality Bottling machine for the global wine industry... more>
  • Rinssing
  • Filling / Corking / Capping Monoblock
  • Labelling
  • Capsuling machines
We are the nation's leading supplier of natural cork and packaging products to the wine and spirits industry in India. The company's... more>
Manufacturer of Corks
  • Natural Corks
  • 1+1 / Twin Top / Bidisc Cork
  • Agglomerate Corks / Fine Agglomerate Corks
  • Colmate Corks
We are one of the premier closure suppliers in India servicing the wine and spirits industries. Capsules are available in PVC, Polylaminate and Tin...more>
  • TIN Capsule
  • Poly Laminated Capsule
  • PVC Capsule
Americo Coelho Relvas
Barrel Cleanning Machines >>
Since 40 years ,MOOG remains your first choice for high pressure cleaners,tank cleaners, barrel cleaners, filling pistols and special cleaning systems...more>
  • MOOG Barrel cleanning machine
  • Tank Claners
  • Wooden Vat cleaners
  • Vaccum Cleaners
Blending Meterials
Winemaking blending material provides you with an easy, consistent way to make impressive after impact on the wines with remarkable...more>
  • Natural Roots
  • Natural seeds / stems
  • Natural Extracts
Bulk Wine & Spirits
Keval Wines & Spirits is one of best known and respected wine importers and distributors. We import from all the major wine producing...more>
  • Vatted Malt Spirit / Scotch concentrate
  • Matured Brandy concentrate
  • Cognac
  • Vodka / Gin concentrate
  • South west French Wines